The New Hampshire Partners in Health Program helps families of children with a chronic health condition that significantly impacts daily life to advocate, access resources, navigate systems and build capacity to manage the chronic health condition of their child

Who We Are
We are community-based programs designed to address the needs of families of children with chronic health conditions in New Hampshire. We utilize a family-centered approach and work within the community to facilitate and enhance the care and services that families feel they need. We work with schools, medical providers, churches, social services, and other community institutions to create a setting that will enhance the quality of life of the families we serve. We make respite funds available to families that participate in the program.

Who We Serve
We serve families with children from birth to age 21 with a chronic health condition: certified by a physician, expected to last six months or more, and having a significant impact on daily life. We also work with other health and human service professionals to make a difference at the community level.

How We Do It (The Work)
We work directly with families and will assist in finding resources to meet needs as families define and prioritize their concerns and issues. Family Support Coordinators assist families to access appropriate services and resources, arrange for special needs during hospitalization and after discharge, will help with school planning and attend meetings with you. Provide recreational and respite opportunities, be your advocate, listen and respond quickly and meaningfully. Problem-solving around financial concerns or just finding the information you need is an important aspect of the day to day work of local coordinators. Partners in Health Family Support Coordinators know the resources in New Hampshire and beyond

We Believe In… (The Partnership)
Partners in Health creates opportunities for families, health professionals, agencies and institutions to work together in order to design innovative solutions that will help meet family needs without leaving the local community. Under the guidance of parents in the community, who understand the impacts of chronic health conditions, Family Councils are developed to plan community interventions and programs. Family Councils empower families and provides a forum for mutual support; further Family Councils provide a critical link between families, communities, and our state. Local Family Councils are a collective voice for the concerns of families who know the issues of raising a child with a chronic health condition.

Our Efforts Have… (The Goal)
Our goal at Partners in Health is to provide support, information and resources that you believe will be most helpful to your family in meeting the challenges of your child's chronic illness. Our objective is to promote and implement integrated, consistent, and creative medical, community and state level approaches to improve health outcomes.

We Work With…

  • Community-based Family Support Systems: Family support coordinators, working in community health agencies and area agencies, provide support services that are family centered, respectful, and based on family identified needs.
  • Community Family Councils: Family Councils function as a means of empowering families and giving them a forum and resources to make decisions about services for their own children and for promotion of community resources development in response to family needs.
  • New Hampshire Council for Children and Adolescents with Chronic Health Conditions: The Council consists of parents of children with chronic health conditions and professionals serving as an advocacy group. Initiatives of the Council include development of statewide initiatives; information and referrals, loan fund, school initiatives, and respite training.

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